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The Deer Island Chamber of Commerce is an organization that consists of members of the community as a business member of individuals as an individual member. The objective of the Deer Island Chamber of Commerce shall be to promote and improve trade and commerce, and economic, civic and social welfare of the district (Article 1 Section 2 of the By-Laws). The board consists of a president, vice president, secretary, treasurer and directors at large.

The main function of the Chamber of Commerce are as follows:
• The Chamber is designed to support your business or service.
• The Chamber creates a legislative climate in which businesses can profit and increase employment, broadening the tax base.
• The Chamber identifies public issues, but avoids purely partisan political issues.
• The Chamber helps to create job opportunities through the stimulation of industrial and commercial growth.
• The Chamber encourages the improvement of community facilities and the development of human resources.
• The Chamber has the honor of presenting awards, acknowledging new business developments, and presenting dignitaries to the community.
• The Chamber exists to serve its members and the public, including welcoming tourists and new members to the community.
• The Chamber is often the mediator in disputes. This is a definite asset to the local community.
• The Chamber is the community mailroom, disseminating business and community information.
• The Chamber is the local fundraiser, event planner, and business promoter.
• Modern Chambers provide members with significant promotional services and tools, which are valuable for local businesses and extremely advantageous for home based businesses.

Deer Island has been a summer getaway for generations. Tourism is one of the industries that needs to be promoted. Also bringing new business to the island is advantageous for the community by creating jobs and increasing the tax revenue for the island.

Show support for the island and join the Chamber of Commerce.

Print and fill out this MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION. Send it with your membership payment to:


or you can email your application and payment to

Membership fees are payable by cash, cheque (made out to DEER ISLAND CHAMBER OF COMMERCE) or money order.

To download a copy of the Deer Island Chamber of Commerce Bylaws, please click here.