Sit back and enjoy beautiful Deer Island, New Brunswick

How to Get Here

Follow Highway 1 West and take Exit 56 (St. George and Deer Island). Follow the signs for Deer Island and it’s 15 kilometers to the toll-free car ferry in Letete. For information,

call 1-888-747-7006.

Some interesting facts about Deer Island, New Bruswick

Deer Island has been inhabited since 1770.  It is exactly half-way between the Equator and North Pole. Deer Island’s population – 1,000 souls.

The first Lobster pound in North America was established on Beans Island, located off Deer Island. Today, several lobster pounds together are capable of storing about 3,000,000 at any one time. However these establishments are primarily for private commercial distribution by tractor-trailer truckloads in Boston, New York etc..

The first Atlantic Salmon sea farm in Atlantic Canada was established in Richardson Harbour.

The largest Tidal Whirlpool in the Western Hemisphere (World?), “Old Sow”, can be viewed from Deer Island Point Campground during each flood tide.

For accommodations, Deer Island offers one motel with a restaurant (45th Parallel), two B&B’s (Deer Island Inn, Lilac Inn), cottages, and a campground. There is one licensed restaurant plus one diner (take-out). There are three general stores plus three post offices.

Deer Island is the site of the proposed West Isles Nature & Marine Park.

Beachcombing is at the top of everyone’s list, with bird watching and cycling being two favourite past times. There are official hiking trails on the island at Chocolate Cove “Clark Gregory Nature Preserve”.

Whale watching tours and Kayaking are available.

Several public wharves afford an opportunity to go Flounder fishing at your own leisure using your own fishing tackle.

Deer Island is a photographer’s paradise. Each turn in the road presents an opportunity to create an “original masterpiece”.

Deer Island is Campobello Island’s “missing link” as only during July & August is there a toll car ferry which connects Campobello Island to Canada via Deer Island. Of the four ferries, two are operated year around at taxpayer’s expense and two toll ferries operate during summer only to Campobello and Eastport.

Rock formations include “The Devil’s Hand” and “Circle of Love”. The former formation is best viewed by car off the main road to Nor-West Harbour and the latter by boat on Passamaquoddy Bay.

Deer Island had one of the first privately operated telephone companies in New Brunswick with a link to Eastport Maine.

Admiral Harding had tea on Deer Island (War of 1812). He later took the British fleet to Washington D.C., for a “weiner roast” and house warming.

During World War Two, several German Submarine Sailors were rumoured to have come ashore to secretly attend a local dance.